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Welcome to eSeis

eSeis helps oil & gas companies of all sizes maximize the number of wells drilled that result in economic pay. We do this by analyzing your existing seismic and well log data in a different way. Whether you are doing wildcat exploration, doing a well plan for a hard to drill well, or evaluating a field and trying to decide the value and if there is by-passed pay, eSeis patented AVO and Pore Pressure Prediction technologies can help you to lower your costs.




Rock Properties - AVO that relates to Depositional Facies, identifies Lithologies, Porosities and Fluids


Pore Pressure Variations for the Explorationist - Comprehensive analysis of rock properties that highlights sealing faults and shales


The most advanced well planning tool on the market - Site specific Pore Pressure Prediction using 2 independent seismic based methods (Velocity and Frequency Attenuation)